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Brad Marchand’s Antics Need Reprimand

    By: Nick Erickson Opinion — For the first time in 10 years, we will have a new champion besides the Boston Bruins, Chicago Blackhawks, LA Kings, or the Pittsburgh Penguins. Thank goodness for that. I am so sick of seeing the same teams competing for the cup. One team I’m surprisingly happier to […]
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What Mark Ingram’s Suspension Means for the Saints

  By: Addison Willmon Opinion — Mark Ingram, the starting running back for the New Orleans Saints in 2017, has been suspended from the first four games of the 2018 NFL season according to What does this mean for the Saints this upcoming season? The Saints have, without a doubt, one of the better, […]
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The Curse of Apollo Gets Justified

By Elisabeth Grandstaff
“The curse of Apollo” as it’s called, harks back to the year 1882 when the three-year-old Apollo defeated the field of horses in the Kentucky Derby after not having raced as a two-year-old. Since the era of Apollo, 61 horses who did not race as two-year-olds have competed in the Derby. All 61 fell short. By breaking the curse, Justify’s victory has notably raised the bar in horse racing.

Which Teams Had the Most Questionable First-Round Draft Picks?

By: Addison Willmon Opinion — In the 2018 NFL Draft, a few teams made some rather… “questionable” first-round decisions. Of course, it’s all just speculation until the season starts. Let’s look at what those teams gained or lost by selecting those players. (All statistics were obtained from PHOTO: AP New Orleans Saints – Marcus […]
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Will Tonight Be the Night? Pujols on the Edge of 3,000

By Jacob Grandstaff Angels Hall-of-Famer Albert Pujols faces the Seattle Mariners tonight, at 9:10 PM Eastern, in what will likely be remembered as the defining moment of his career. The 38-year-old touched off his 2,999th hit last night against the Baltimore Orioles, and now has the chance to join Hank Aaron, Willie Mays, and Álex […]
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Winnipeg Whiteout: It’s legit.

By: Nicholas Erickson Opinion — The craziest time of the year is upon us, and no fan base is crazier about their team than Winnipeg. The community surrounding the Manitoban team is astounding. What team in the NHL will fill up their home arena to watch the game on the Jumbo-Tron, for an away game? […]
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Why the Braves Could Make the 2018 Playoffs

By Johnathan Brock Opinion — The Atlanta Braves have been the laughing stock of the National League for quite some time now, but that could change this year. The Braves haven’t seen the playoffs since 2013 when they dropped the NLDS in 4 games to the Dodgers. Since then, they’ve posted lackluster records, never winning more than […]
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NFL Draft Grades: Which Teams Improved the Most?

By: Addison Willmon Opinion — My ratings for individual players are based on the production I expect to see out of them in their first season. The overall draft class rating takes that into account as well, but I also look at what they mean for the franchise in coming years and how the players might develop. […]
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Speculation Station: The Knights Are Actually Golden

The Vegas Golden Knights have risen to power and crushed their competition night after night since they began the 2017-18 season. Many still have their doubts about this team, but are they right in doing so? Are the Golden Knights only doing well because of luck? If so, when will their luck run out?