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2019 Playoff Predictions: The Big Game

(From the official LA Rams Twitter)

By: Addison Willmon

2019 Playoff Predictions: The Big Game

In Super Bowl LIII, The Los Angeles Rams will meet the Jacksonville Jaguars in the ultimate battle between elite offense and elite defense. Who will come out on top?

First Quarter – Jared Goff shows out

Sean McVay has never been one to be conservative. The Rams will want to come out aggressive and take the early lead. If they do that, the Jags lackluster offense will have a hard time overtaking them. The connection between Brandin Cooks and Jared Goff will be as though they have played with each other for years, and they will manage to put up two touchdowns in the first three drives.

Blake Bortles will also be able to put together a couple of decent drives, though they will only reach field goal range once. The first quarter is disappointing for Jags fans to say the least.

End of the first quarter: 14-3 Rams

Second Quarter: Battle of the Running Backs

For the Rams, they have an eleven-point lead – a sizable advantage. The best way to keep that advantage is to keep the Jacksonville offense off the field, and so they use their reigning Offensive Player of the Year, Todd Gurley, to do just that. They will give him the ball more than 10 times in this quarter alone, attempting to fatigue the defense and leave the Jaguars with as little time to score as possible. Unfortunately, this also slows down their offense, meaning they only score two field goals.

The Jaguars will decide to go back to their roots. They have a workhorse in Leonard Fournette who is more than ready to lead this team to a championship, so they let him take the reins. He will lead them to an early field goal before breaking out for a touchdown right before the half. Yannik Ngakoue also manages to get the first sack of the game, swaying the momentum in their favor.

End of the half: 20-13 Rams

Third Quarter: Is This a Comeback?

The Rams decide that the Jacksonville run defense is too good to let them run away with the game, so they take it to the air more in the third quarter. Again, this high-powered offense manages to score ten points in the quarter.

The Jags begin to find some success in the air, putting together a couple of big plays to get them down the field. The first two result in field goals, but the third gives them their first passing touchdown.

End of the third quarter: 26-26

Fourth Quarter: Choke or Clutch?

At this point, neither team wants to lose the game because of a bad turnover. The fourth quarter is a grind with both teams attempting to slowly move down the field. This gets the Rams nowhere. Their main reason for offensive success is the explosiveness of its players. The Jags score a long field goal midway through the quarter. After that, the game plan is to let Los Angeles stall out and win the game using defense. Unfortunately for them, another big play from Goff to Cooks puts the Rams in prime position to score, where they plunge it in and leave Blake Bortles without enough time to drive it home at the end.

Rams win 33-29

Author: Addison Willmon

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