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Brad Marchand’s Antics Need Reprimand

By: Nick Erickson

Opinion — For the first time in 10 years, we will have a new champion besides the Boston Bruins, Chicago Blackhawks, LA Kings, or the Pittsburgh Penguins. Thank goodness for that. I am so sick of seeing the same teams competing for the cup.

One team I’m surprisingly happier to see eliminated this year, more than in past years, is the Boston Bruins.

Not so much the team, but a certain player.

I’m all for the sport of hockey. It’s rough, it’s violent, it’s elegant, it’s everything in between all of those things as well, but the one thing that hockey isn’t is cheap, pathetic, and classless.

A certain player that I am so sick and tired of seeing is Brad Marchand. The guy is the epitome of classless and tasteless. (Even though he tastes far too many things he shouldn’t be tasting.)

The guy throws cheap shots all over the ice and then disgraces himself and as the game by licking other players when he’s unhappy with them. I know four-year-olds who won’t resort to licking their opponents. What in the Sam hell is this guy thinking when he does this, not only once, but twice in the same post season?

When he was interviewed after the game where he licked Tampa Bay forward Ryan Callahan, all he had to say was that he was retaliating for being punched four times before.

So let me get this straight, a hockey player that gets punched, resorts to licking now? What’s next? Pinching and biting? Next thing you know, you’ll have a guy like Mike Tyson out on the ice chewing opponent’s ears or noses off.

The NHL needs to take some sort of action against his unflattering style of play. The referees aren’t able to see all of the crap that he does like the dirty hip checks, the ridiculous cheap shots to the backs of other player’s knees, and the dirty slew foot hits that have caused players to get hurt time and time again. Not to mention the flying elbows, dirty trips from behind, and the disgusting attempts to do nothing but cause an injury to other players after the whistle.

Marchand is a pest. There’s no doubt about it. The NHL finally stepped in to pressure him to stop, but what’s the deal with it taking two opposing players getting licked to have someone finally step in and call a player out for being a cheap and classless disgrace to the game? There’s been a vast multitude of compilation videos on YouTube of Brad Marchand cheap shots. The funny thing about that too is the simple disgusting feeling that you can almost do a compilation video for each year he’s been in the league.

How long is it going to take the NHL really reprimands players for cheap shots, or at least enough of a reprimand to bring some class back to Boston?

I get it, he’s young, scrappy, and fun to watch when he’s not being a poor sport. But in order to retain player safety for the rest of the league, the NHL has got to do something to crack down on it. He’s only been getting worse and has only been causing more and more fans of the NHL to outright hate him.

For a repeat offender like Marchand, you have to take into consideration when reviewing certain plays to determine a punishment that it wasn’t incidental contact. It was more than likely intentional.

He’s been fined and suspended quite a few times, but the problem continues to happen. He continues to get more and more ridiculous with his attempts to injure any opponent on the ice.

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